Gallery walls and Hacks à Domicile


Gallery walls, a great decorative way to fill a blank space or to showcase your love of art. I love the effect of filling an empty wall with a medley of photographs and pieces of artwork that have special meaning. There’s something lovely about arranging things into a perfectly masterminded yet haphazard cluster. A perfect mess, if you will.  Throughout my home I have numerous gallery walls. Now I hated photos around the house, I just wasn’t a photo person but since we moved to our new home and I have the boys, gallery walls is the most chic way to present those timeless moments, and if you don’t like photos, art work is a great way to bring modern life into a contemporary home. There are lots of ways to hang a gallery wall, you can do a symmetrical gallery wall (like I have opted for below) or you can do a mix and match of different size frames from big to small in one space.

You can hang them in so many ways that there is no right or wrong way to do it, whichever takes your fancy. For my dining room I opted for a gallery wall of six white frames in a symmetrical manner (above) and for the entrance to my bedroom I utilised the space by adding a quilted bench for a little nook area. The entrance to our bedroom wall looked empty so I added two frames (below) in black side by side to help create a warm feel, and this little nook area of the home is on of my favourite places creating a nice seating area before you enter the bedroom.

How to hang a gallery wall 

Step 1

It’s not as hard as I thought, simply lay the photos on the floor (in the frame) to see if you like how you have arranged them, and keep playing around until you have found the perfect layout for them.

Step 2

Trace the photo frames on some Kraft paper and label each one respectively, and start marking up! Start with the biggest pieces first and then work around them if you are mixing sizes.

Step 3

Lay the cutout’s on the wall with some sticky tape and keep adjusting the layout until you’re happy (then that way there are no unwanted wholes in the wall!). This is the time to move things around until it’s just right.

Step 4

Frames should hang at eye level or around 5 feet. If you’re exceptionally tall or have very high ceilings, you can hang them a tad higher.

Once you have collaged the cutouts to your liking, remove each cutout as you replace with the actual frame. If you mess up, don’t worry. It’s nothing a little paint and spackle can’t fix!


Chic Hacks à Domicile

Hacks a domicile means “home hacks” in french, I kinda prefer to say this as it sounds fancier! Anyway I’m a huge fan of finding great ways to make your home look pretty as well as super organised (if you caught my Instagram stories you would have seen my walk in pantry cupboard-everything is labelled!). I am a huge fan of coffee table books and I love this little corner in my closet that showcases my love and interest for fashion whilst looking tidy and pretty. The shelves are from IKEA (here) and this is a great way to store your books in a tidy way and the great thing is, that it doesn’t break the bank!

Another great little “hacks a domicile” are these shelves to display the best of your shoes! I love this feature in my walk in closet as it acts as a centre piece, as it draws people’s eyes straight to it. It’s also a great space saver if your wardrobe is a little on the small side. I also have a little shelving area where I can store my box clutch and have them on show. These shelves come in various sizes from IKEA and are available in multiple of colours.

We have just bought these from IKEA (here) which I can’t wait to show you and this is a good little hack. It’s supposed to be for the kitchen (a spice rack ) but I’m using it on the opposite wall in my closet to create a sunglasses space, which will store them neatly and proudly show off my little collection (not to mention keep them in one place so I don’t loose them!). They also come in various colours.

I am currently working on the pantry cupboard and once the worktops are complete I can’t wait to show you how to organise a pantry room!

I would absolutely love to hear what your home hacks are, comment below so I can have a read!



  1. Sadie Rowse
    March 17, 2017 / 12:27 am

    Babe your nook area is to die for, what a beautiful home you have created.

    Sadie Rowse

  2. Ciara Owen
    March 19, 2017 / 8:56 pm

    I need you to come decorate my home! Beautiful pictures, gorgeous home and totally In love with all those shoes 😍

  3. Georgia Nors
    March 19, 2017 / 8:57 pm

    I have these shelves in my room but need these shoes to make them a standout!

    Great tips on hanging a gallery wall

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