What To Pack For A Vacation In Greece and Packing Hacks

So I’m not usually a last minute packer, I tend to pack at least a month prior to leaving but this time (maybe it’s because I now have to pack for two little ones too) I’ve pretty much left packing right to the last minute! I did however do all my shopping at least two months before hand and lay it out nicely in my wardrobe with a little checklist ready and checked!

I’ve packed 14 outifts, 10 swimsuits/bikinin’s, 6 pairs of shoes, 2 basket bags, a lot jewellery and some fishnet bags which are now my go to pieces!

So what do you pack for a vacation when you want to look picture perfect? The number one trick to getting that picture perfect holiday photo is to plan ahead! Do some research on the place you are going to (google, Instagram is my favourite tool to search images) and then you can easily plan your outfits around what it looks like.

I knew in advance that Greece is super pretty with lots of beautiful bright colours with pops of orange and blue so I found myself picking colourful pieces to compliment this. I’ve kept my pieces lights and flowy but fun. The shoes I’ve packed are super cute and block heel sandals as I know I will be doing a lot of walking, so I need something super comfortable. A lot of pieces are stripes and white which are the summer classics, but I’ve also bought along with me my my trusted denim pants to hang out in!

Packing Hacks

Here are some of my trusted packing hacks to help you with yours!

1.Jewellery can get totally tangled if your not careful. So pack yours in between two sheets of plastic wrap. This will help prevent it from


2. If you are packing items that crease easily, lay the item flat inside a dry-clean bag and fold as normal. The plastic will help prevent it from creasing.

3.Maximise Space, with my favourite hack and you simply roll. Surprised by how much room you have saved?

4. Keep dirty shoes at at by placing them in plastic bags or even your shower cap! This will help prevent dirt getting onto your clothing that you have packed!

5. Low on space, simply stuff your shoes with items that preferably wont burst!

6. I always fold my underwear as this actually saves a lot of room as opposed to just throwing it in their!

7. To protect your clothing from burst beauty products, put a square cute of plastic wrap in between the screw cap that way if it bursts, the plastic will catch it!

8. Slip glass bottles such as perfumes etc into a pair of socks to prevent it from


9. Pack two tops for every bottoms will help save space.

10. Pack your heaviest items closest to the wheels. This helps ensure weight is distributed evenly!



  1. Lena Marcio
    September 30, 2017 / 10:12 am

    I love the hacking tip for jewellery, every time I arrive on hollibobs nothing but endless of tangleness.

    Beautiful Instagram stories

  2. Vincenza D
    October 3, 2017 / 8:37 am

    I also use tin foil to desperate a lot of jewellery it kinda sucks themmin place.
    I enjoy post and hope to see you read my too.

  3. Sara
    October 7, 2017 / 8:45 am

    These tips and hacks are great. Do you mind me asking where your luggage is from? It’s beautiful

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