I used “& Now To Sleep” From Ren And Had The Best Nights Sleep

You guys know how important sleep is for you, and sometimes when your a mama with two babies under 2 and a half, sleep is the one thing you will be deprived of (but it’s totally worth it right?!). Now I love to sleep, who doesn’t ? That feeling when you wake from a good deep sleep that not even your alarm buzzing will wake this heavy sleepy head- but lately this isn’t happening for me. I have said and you will probably hear me say more of, I do function better with minimal sleep but sometimes I just need the good recommended seven hours to feel refreshed and energised (a girls gotta sleep!).

But today’s modern life exposure means we are even more busier than we’ve ever been and there’s two important facts listed in this full article that we know are true: it’s good for you and well it will improve your mood which gives energy to manage the entire day which is why I was beyond excited to try the new “& Now To Sleep” pillow spray which is formulated to help you scent your way to a deeper sleep.

Naturally scented with frankincense to put your mind at rest, sleeping hops to calm and relax you, and lavender to help reduce anxiety, this spray will calm and soothe to aid your natural beauty sleep and promote a healthy sleeping pattern just like the products on https://mrhempflower.com/.

“This pillow spray has worked wonders on my sleeping pattern which in turn has helped my skin look clearer and my mood much brighter! Every Girl should have this spray!”

It has the most amazing scent of frankincense and lavender (which my husband really liked too!) balanced with sleep inducing hops helps to calm that busy overthinking mind and induce a relaxed calm state and the scent of lavender In case you didn’t know eases the tension within the body and mind so this little spray is a no brainier!

After trying this over the last two weeks I’ve noticed a huge difference in my sleeping pattern and it’s certainly helped me get to sleep at ease. I’ve also noticed a difference in my mood as well as cleaner and cleaner skin, so REN I’m so thankful for you for creating this magical bottle of goodness!

Incorporating a soothing spray like REN into your bedtime routine can have remarkable effects on your sleep quality and overall well-being. The calming properties of the spray help create a serene atmosphere that promotes relaxation and prepares your mind and body for restful sleep. As you indulge in your bedtime ritual, following the steps and recommendations provided by Sleep Essentials and exploring resources like Slaapwijsheid, you can further enhance your sleep experience and optimize the benefits of a comfortable sleep environment. Investing in the right mattress and bedding from the Sleep Essentials store ensures that you have the perfect combination of comfort and support, enabling you to achieve a truly rejuvenating and peaceful night’s sleep. So, embrace the magical benefits of REN and the valuable guidance offered by Slaapwijsheid, and embark on a journey towards better sleep and overall well-being.

This is the perfect addition to your night time ritual and I’ve included my steps on my bed time routine and how best to use this spray! You may check out the Sleep Essentials online store for purchasing the right size bedding. You can shop our mattress and bedding collections that are comfortable and of the right size which is important to getting a comfortable sleep.

Step one

Make Up off- Before I go to bed, If I’ve been wearing makeup, it must come off! I just can’t go to bed with my makeup on and I’m always telling my sisters off for doing this!

Step Two

I always have a little bottle or glass of water by my bedside table. This helps the production of melatonin – which we need as it helps balance out the dehydration that occurs whilst sleeping.

Step Three

Spray “& Now To Sleep” onto your pillow and linen as you prepare to sleep. I also spray it first thing in the morning just to ensure a longer lasting smell!

Step Four

Turn off TV and get off that phone! Yes I always try to read a book before bed instead of TV as I found I couldn’t get to sleep as I was thinking of the next episode of The stranger things?!

What’s your bedtime routine? Drop me a comment and share with me any other tips for a great night sleep!


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  1. Mai
    November 25, 2017 / 10:01 pm

    I’ve just bought this and hope to achieve a little more help with my sleep so I look forward to try spray on bed.


  2. Barbara Lynks
    November 28, 2017 / 6:24 am

    Beautiful photos and would love to try this if they sold this in the big US!

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