Three Steps For That New Year Skin Glow with Jurlique

So it’s a new year which means a new skincare routine and this year I want my skin to glow after suffering from what I call festive fatigue! I’ve had a month of complete stressing (due to hosting duties) and lack of sleeping which means this skin over here needs a little TLC.

My normal skincare routine in January goes a little out the window, the daily cleanse, tone and moisturiser seem to just not happen! But I think it’s going to take more than my usual routine to get that glow back into my pores! This blog is a very comprehensive introduction to facial oils and skin care routine.

Step one: Jurlique Moisturising Cream Mask

I always start with exfoliating, it’s pretty simple and it will help to polish away any dull dead skin cells that might be lurking around. After exfoliating I use Jurlique Moisturising Cream Mask (here) which helps to deeply hydrate my super tired skin with the help of Rose Hip Oil (which naturally improves dehydration on the skin). I’ve been using it once a week over the month of December and I’ve really noticed a difference in my overall skin wellness. With each use I apply an even layer to the skin, and relax for ten minutes (or scroll through Instagram?!) and instead of instantly washing it off with warm water I massage the remaining mask into my skin using cotton pads and then wash it away with warm water. My skin I found after the third try was hydrated, replenished and smooth!

Step Two: Skin Balancing Face Oil

This bottle of magic is my favourite! The Skin balancing Face Oil (here) is designed to help protect against the day to day environmental pollution our skin is use to by deeply moisturising and help restore elasticity into your skin, which I need! You simply squirt a two to three drops into the palms of your hands and rub it onto your skin (and don’t forget your neck!). I use this both morning and night and it leaves my skins looking super radiant. A little tip, apply this prior to makeup as it also helps to set nicely on your skin.

STEP THREE: Rosewater Balancing Mist

I love using a mist spray, and have so many of them as it’s my go-to beauty product especially when your a busy mum and you haven’t got time to re-do your makeup, you simply mist the face and it refreshes and tones your face…just like that and this Jurlique Balancing mist (here) will leave your skin balanced and refreshed!


This post is in collaboration with The Hut 

 Although these products were gifted to me, I do my best to provide you with my honest opinion.

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  1. Nicole
    January 4, 2018 / 9:29 pm

    Thankyou for sharing this beautifully photographed beauty routine. Would you mind doing a detailed post of how you take your photos, do you depend on lighting? What camera do you use? Etc! Your feed always looks like perfection and I love it.

    Nicole H

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