Clean Skincare with Clo Clo Organics and Friday Favourites

I think by now everyone knows how much skincare means to me, so it’s no secret that I’m skin obsessed! Looking after your skin is so important and it’s a key part of my daily routine (mainly when the kids are playing or sleeping and I get 10 minutes to myself!). So to get to work with different skincare brands is really great, but it’s very important to me to work with sustainable brands, which is why I’m really excited to team up with Clo Clo Organics. A luxury skincare product that’s 100% organic and skincare friendly for different types of skin.

So I’m super lucky that my Italian heritage has fortunately bought me good skin, however, since having two babies my skin has been suffering a little and this cold weather… well its just not helping or making it any better! I seem to get these little dry red spots across my face and products from Clo Clo Organics have really helped improve the appearance and feel of the effected area. If people want to know What is Vampire Facial? people can check them out here!

The power of plants and oil are well known to help sooth, reduce age spots, wrinkles and balance out the skin. The Clo Clo Serum edition (here) worked wonders on my skin by simply hydrating it, and after 14 days of trying out the product (4-5 drops each morning before the application of any make-up and at night time before bed) I started to notice a difference. Applying the product at night was actually really nice as it seemed to bring my busy day to a calm, soothing state.


I also tried the Eye edition (here) which is a luxurious balm you simply pop on around the eye area. It comes in a super cute package and the ingredients in this product are designed to relieve stress and have a calming effect, which I might add totally worked! It definitely helped reduce the puffiness around my eyes that I tend to get due to lack of sleep, but I’m not sure that it worked on reducing my dark circles so much. These products are beautifully designed with you in mind, which is why I love them. I’ll also be packing these on my trip that I’m off to next week, which I’m super excited to share with you soon!


This post is in collaboration with Clo Clo Organics.

Please note these were gifted to me but chosen by me to test over a 14 day period and provide honest feedback for my readers. 

Friday Favourites  

I’ve been following a few accounts on Instagram that I feel totally inspire me, you know the kind when the first thing you do is wake up and reach for your phone and search them to see what they have uploaded (notification alert – on!). And I’ve been inundated with my lovely followers sharing my work on their stories or their Instagram that its inspired me to share with you guys my Friday favourites which will cover anything from books to Instagram accounts to jewellery!


Ina from Styleturbine is my favourite instagram account to go to at the moment. As well as being a lovely person, her photography skills are excellent! She has an eye for things and it really comes across in her feed! I mean, can we just look at her feed of 12 squares below — insane!


I’ve cut all caffeine out of my diet and I’m slowly reducing my sugar intake (not quite there) — and I’m sure as hell craving a McDonald’s but I’m eating a hell of a lot more fruit and, you know what, I feel totally good for it! You could say my kids inspired me with this Friday favourite, fruit is their favourite and I’ve been joining them on this one. Plus they make for good pictures so prepare yourself for more fruity things!


By now you would have seen me wear Missoma all over my Instagram feed and blog. I’m a huge fan and I’ve been super lucky enough to get two more new things this week and I’ll be sharing them on my trip away! It’s my favourite jewellery brand and I cant enough of them.


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  1. Anika Mia Juno
    March 16, 2018 / 12:09 am

    I’ve just bought the serum so I’m excited to try it. My skin has been very tired and dull so hoping this will boost it.

    Thanks for all your help

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