How To Prep Your Skin Fast For The Summer W/ DHC Skincare

One minute we have a heat wave the next, we are switching on the heating’s so there’s no telling when the sun is about to pop it’s hat on, but we know that it will so we need to make sure that we can prep our skin fast an I’ve teamed up with the guys from DHC skincare to show you how.

DHC are your Japanese beauty experts and I’ve wanted to try out the Japanese skincare brand for so long that when I was contacted to collaborate I was beyond excited. Known as one of the worlds leading health and beauty brand its actually a very different kind of skincare brand. I’ve been using their products for now for over a little 4 weeks now and its helped prep my skin perfectly for the warmer days not to mention the results can be seen super fast too!

Deep Cleansing Oil 

First thing’s first after a day of wearing make up,there’s nothing greater than the feeling of wiping it straight back off again, right? But I’m fed up of using wipes to take off my makeup of my kids baby wipes when I run out, and it always feels like I’m dragging my skin which I don’t like to do. The Deep Cleansing oil (here) is a revolutionary oil based makeup remover and it’s now my go-to product to remove make up off! It’s a perfect sized bottle and does exactly what it says on the bottle and removes the make up straight off. It even removes the toughest of mascaras, which my YSL one is. The wipes Iwas using didn’t seem to take it off but a little squirt of this on some cotton pads and it comes straight off!  My skin is left feeling completely nourished and cleansed and as its oil based it even leaves a healthy looking glow.

Face Wash Powder 

The face wash powder is great to use first thing in the morning when washing your face and its super simple to use. Simply wet your face and combine the Face Wash Powder (here) until it lathers up and massage gently into face and then rinse. Its super easy to use and I didn’t really notice a huge difference in my skin whilst using this other than it left my skin feeling softer than usual, but it’s a nice to have.


Coenzyme Q10

In the mornings i’m in a constant rush (yes, every single morning!) but I still like to make time to prep my skin for the busy day ahead, as it makes me feel good.  But DHC’s Coenzyme Q10 (here)all in one moisturiser that tones, hydrates, brightens, primes and can even be used as a hydrating mask treatment. And it does all this in one, yes really and the difference in my skin in terms of brightness is really noticeable. I now use this every morning after washing my face and scoop a little in my hand to rub all over as well as my neck.


My skin is left feeling completely nourished and cleansed; and as its oil based it even leaves a healthy looking glow


Velvet Skin Coat 

This is my favourite product to use, the Velvet Skin Coat (here) is a primer but its gel like formula helped me to achieve a flawless complexion. I felt like as soon as I used this I didn’t need to put anything else on my face, it smoothed my lines whilst giving a matt-like finish (which is what I want to achieve).  The results were so good that I could actually wear this alone with no other makeup on top (no bronzer or foundation needed) which also helps speed up time to get you ready if you are like me and you are always in a rush or you can add it in to your regular beauty routine too. I used it all over the four weeks as the bottle isn’t very big but its super affordable so i’ve just bought another bottle that I will take on my travels as it’s a perfect size to bring on- the go with you too!

I would love to hear your thoughts on how you speed up your skin care prep in readiness for the warmer months? Drop me a comment and if you have used any DHC products let me know how you got on!


This post is in collaboration with DHC Skincare  and whilst all products are gifted for me to try, I allow a certain period of tie to really try out the products and give you my honest opinion as skincare is so important to me


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  1. Federica M
    May 6, 2018 / 8:32 pm

    Loving the beautiful pictures and really want to try the cream. Thankyou for your honest opinion

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