The Every Cool Girl Needs This Bag

This season if you are strolling through Pinterest or Instagram all you will see is your favourite influencers wearing the It-bag of the season and every cool girl needs this bag. I have one in a circle shape which I got last year from Ellen and James and wrote about here but this year I wanted to change it up and went for a sandwich style box bag and it was the best thing I have done. I purchased my new woven basket bag from WoodGrey (here) and the shop is filled of my favourite style woven bags! I spend hours on this site and picking out my favourite style bags and jewellery. My husband say’s it kinda reminds him of a picnic basket, but I’m obsessed and I cant get enough of them.  You could take this bag anywhere wit you,like I do I take it on my girls brunch or you could even take it to the office. It’s my favourite bag to wear this season so I’ve picked a bunch of my favourite for you, to save you the shopping time!


WoodGrey (this is the one I am currently wearing)

Topshop Woven round bag



& Other Stories



WoodGrey woven clutch




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