Perfect Legs with ThisWorks

When thisworks sent me the Perfect Legs products I was eager to try this out for two weeks, after all who doesn’t want the perfect looking smooth legs?! I get asked a lot, what’s my favourite skincare brand, how do you find new products and the truth is I just want to find the best products that work for me with a great ethos that’s environmentally friendly so I’m always on the lookout and one of my favourite and trust worthy brand is thisworks. Now I’ve used them since I was about 15 but having the opportunity to work with them on their new products was like a Beauty blogger’s dream come true! Firstly what I love about this brand is that they use fragrances that help your well-being, sleep and skin. They use actives that are derived from nature and scientifically proven to work as well as natural botanical oils that are are expertly blended not to mention affordable!

I’ve been trying the Perfect legs now for over two weeks and here’s how and what I found.

Perfect Legs Skin Miracle

A powerful tinted serum (here) to use with vitamin C that helps perfect, repair and enhance the appearance. Now I can’t tell you how much I wish you could smell this product, it kind of makes you want to use it again and again just so that your legs can smell like this! I noticed after probably day 6 that my legs felt noticeably soft and hydrated. I normally get dry skin after holiday from being out in the sun so much especially around my knee caps but after using this for almost a week the difference was clear and exactly what I was hoping to see and it’s made me want to show off my legs with confidence! The bottle size is pretty big and yet easy to bring along and pop in your bag. I used this first thing in the morning and in the evening after a bath or shower.

Perfect Legs Skin Protector

I always mention how important it is that my products contain some sort of SPF. Our skin is constantly in sight of sun and pollution damage that even if it looks cloudy, it’s really important for our skin to always be protected and it’s super important to me so this Skin protector (here) was a no-brainer! This contains SPF30 which will help protect and fight against ageing or sun effects. I noticed my legs looking a lot more raiding and almost kind of had a glow to it. I think out of all the perfect Legs products this is by far my favourite. You can use it as often as you like and again, a great travel size that does exactly what it says in the bottle!

Perfect Legs Skin Scrub

Who doesn’t love a scrub? There’s something quite therapeutic in body scrubbing, and I love that feeling afterwards where your skin just feels totally detoxified but I wasn’t sure how good this was going to be. I normally use the REN scrub and haven’t really been tempted to use anything else. It’s always good so I have been told to change your hair and even your makeup products every 3 months so this was the perfect excuse if any with the Perfect Legs Skin Scrub (here)! Let’s start with the smell, it is divine. It’s a little different to a scrub in the form of a balm. Whilst doing the same things as a scrub it contains essential oils that help to remove the dead skin cells. But you apply to dry skin. You massage it in well and can use it anywhere on your body and it totally works! You just wash it off afterwards. But I love the fragrance it leaves on your body after the scrub. It’s a big stay at home pot and two weeks in I still have an incredible amount left (after using it most days!). It’s uplifting and calm and can be used with the above products to help you achieve the perfect Legs you have been after! I have been super pleased with the products, they do exactly what each product says it will do and are travel friendly for you to pop in any bag. As well as that all three products do something different for your legs that compliment each other at the same time. I#’m a huge fan of their products but this has just made me their biggest number 1 fan and I couldn’t rave about it any more then I have!


This post is in collaboration with ThisWorks. All opinions and photos are that of my own and portray complete transparency and unbiased reviews that are honest for you my readers.


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