Change of Season, Change of Bedtime Skin Routine W/ ThisWorks

Well that’s it, a new season has well and truly crept upon us and the clocks are going back this weekend which makes it official! With that said, an hour back means an extra hour of sleep (for some?!) and speaking of sleep, it’s something that I’m lacking in! As a mother of two under three years old, sleep is somewhat kinda reduced (ok it’s reduced significantly from the 7 hours norm to 4/5 hours with the kids up all night) and that lack of sleep can cause itself to show up and reflect on my skin!

The cost of all those sleepless nights have made my skin look dull and the cold weather certainly doesn’t help it. So I’m happy to hang up my summer skincare routine which I talked about here and try something new for this season to help boost that glowing complexion I have so badly missed. So I’ve been a huge fan of ThisWorks since I was in my teens and was aloud to buy some skincare products that weren’t harmful yet affordable (i’m talking pocket money kinda cash!). I was beyond excited when I got to team up with them for their Perfect Legs campaign here and now I’ve teamed up with them on their new Sleep Power Nap range.

The Sleep Power Recharge Mask

A hyaluronic acid plumping mask with resurfacing multifruit acids that simply recharge your skin for a refreshing glow at any time. This is the second mask (here) I have tried from ThisWorks (I also have the evening detox mask here) and I am beyond obsessed with the genius science behind it. It’s a bright blue mask with a really easy on/off swivel brush to help you mask it properly on your face (which is always a bonus for me and totally gets my vote!) it basically mimics the benefits of a overnight skin revitalisation for a smooth, fresh and clear complexion. But it actually works guys! You know when you put a mask on and you can feel your face tingling away and actually working this is exactly that. After every use my face has been left brightened, refreshed and glowing. Which makes me feel good, therefore helping me to sleep better and go about my day in a productive way. Because if you feel good then you do good! I really cant recommend this product enough. Its my go-to product for when I need an instant face glow and its affordable for everyone to try! I use it three times a week, in the evening after a bath before bed time.

The Sleep Power Nap Spray

So how does a pillow spray work? This proven natural sleep aid (here) is beautifully and elegantly scented with Lavender, Camomile and Vetivert, all which help to fight lethargy and boost that day time performance you have so been wishing for! Being a mum of two although I don’t get a full night’s sleep I do however get to nap throughout the day when they boys are tired. And in fact its been very much proven that between the hours of 1pm-4pm this is the best time for napping as your energy levels and alertness will take a dip (Source: NHS) and this is probably when most of you fancy grabbing a caffeine fix, am I right? But I am steadily decreasing my caffeine intake and this little bottle of magic has sure been helping me feel better! It’s a great size to bring around with you and pop in your bag as well as leaving it by your bedside table. When I know i’m going to have a little nap and just before bed I simply spray this. The smell is divine to say the least but I do wake up feeling better about myself and going to bed most importantly switching off and doing nothing but smelling this beautiful fragrance. ThisWorks is well known for its beautiful smell as well as their products and this one is no exception. It’s a great way to help you nod off quickly and feel re-energised and refreshed!




This post is in collaboration with ThisWorks.

Whilst I was gifted the products, I have spent 4 weeks trying the products out and giving you my readers my honest opinion. 


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