I can’t believe it guys! I was notified last week that I am on as one of their “who to follow for 2019” ! Yes me, little old me who started this wonderful job whilst breastfeeding my youngest as I was up every two hours. So I am beyond ecstatic and thrilled to be up there amongst the hugest fashion stylists and editors that I have been following along now for some time! I am honestly beyond words. I have followed sheer luxe for so many years now and I have followed along their journey with the sheerluxe shows and if I never need to go for anything in terms of life style, fashion and beauty I head straight to!

So I wanted to share this with you guys, to firstly say a huge Thankyou for following along and believing in me and to Sheerluxe for something that’s truest unforgettable!

You can read the full article here!


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  1. Shelly Jason
    January 16, 2019 / 7:30 am

    Well done Santina! This is amazing and what an achievement. I have only just been following along but hope to see more of you in things like this. Your images and styling are unique and beautiful.

    Well done!


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