The best eye masks fo’ real

Long haul flights, hangover eyes or just tired ass looking mummy eyes, whatever your reasoning, I’ve been on a mission to look into the best eye masks out there that will help these mummy “eye-bags” of mine. Sure I’ve used every eye cream serum out there known to man but what really works for me (and leaves a noticeable difference I might add) are these under-eye masks. Dark circles, puffiness or wrinkled skins that needs a little TLC these under eye- masks are fo’ real the best skin product for the eye area I have used.

There are so many out there now for you guys to get your hands on that are super easy to use and pop on without any fuss or faffing around and I’m a huge fan. I spoke about the KNC via Net-A-Porter (here) eye masks in one of my previous beauty posts but the last few weeks if you have been watching my Instagram stories I have been trying these BLAQ charcoal under-eye masks and they have really left an impression one me (I had to purchase more ) they were that good! I have been using it every Sunday to give me a good fresh start for a new week and honestly it’s tackled everything for me. Its a quick re;axing fix to help replenish those fine lines around the eye area and I actually found my eyes started to look a little less tired and dark (huge win for me) and I wanted to share this with you guys ASAP. These are less pricey than my KNC ones and I found they honestly did just as good a job as them (if not possibly better!?).

Skincare with benefits like these BLAQ masks that leave me feeling and not to mention looking bright eyed need to be shared. They come infused with Witch Hazel that help to refresh tired eyes and I simply use them after a Sunday bath and leave on for no more than 15 minutes and let it do its magic. If I’m going to rate these on the beauty shelf I would highly recommend it a 8.5/10.

So I thought it would be rude not to share my eye masks that are highly ranked amongst the beauty community!




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