Waking up with This Works Morning Expert Range

Morning skincare routines are super important, a bit like your breakfast (lets see if this works as an analogy) if you do it right and every morning it can start you off in a really good way for the day. You could say that your morning routine is just as important as your bedtime routine but I’ve found it kind of hard to pinpoint a good brand or products to wake up to, so I was beyond excited to tea up with the guy from thisworks on their new Morning Expert range. Now when I try products I like to try them for at least 4 weeks (religiously) to ensure I can give you my readers an honest and unbiased review to share what works for me and what didn’t.  It comes in a really cute minimalist packaging which is always a huge important thing for me (presentation has to be just as good as the real deal!) and all products are totally and superbly amazing in every way, So here’s how I found the last 4 weeks…

Hyaluronic Serum 

A Hyaluronic serum that boasts Vitamin C and only 2% hyaluronic acid to help plup and brighten your morning skin (vegans you will be pleased to know this is totally suitable for you guys too!). So each morning for the last four weeks after showering you simply massage a little squirt into your skin on the face (don’t forget the neck!) each morning. Ensure your face is fresh and clean and simply put this on before you do anything else. It’s really easy to use and I noticed a difference after the first week of using this every morning. My skin looked brighter and plumper (which I didnt think it would do) but it did exactly what it said it does. The size is perfect for you to bring along on your summer vacations too and the fruity orange smell is a really good waking up call. For me I couldn’t rate this product enough and it will be coming along everywhere I go and you can shop it here.

Multi-Acid Pads 


Now how do you revive tired looking skin. I find that as a mum my skin is looking less bright and more so on the tired side, which is not a look I want to go for. I’ve tried everything the last few months but haven’t really found something I would want to purchase again but these pads do just that. Infused with Vitamin B3 it instantly brightens the skin. I noticed this after every single use of wiping the pads across the face. After wiping across the face (and neck) I noticed a brighter complexion and as its also infused with AHA’s that help exfoliate the skin and help reduce blemishes you can use this every morning. I found I used it every other days and even though the container may seem small there are alot of pads in there for you to use, alot. Use once a day for an instant morning pick-me -up and you can shop it here.




This has to be the best eye seru around. It comes with a metal applicator that whilst applying is nice and cold on the skin (so-long are the days of putting a tea spoon in the fridge) which helps to reduce the puffiness and ctually kind of wakes you up a little bit ore. Its a brilliant clever skin care product. It has anti-blue light support with Giant Kelp and persian silk all the ingredients to help detox and brighten those tired mommy eyes of mine and it genuinely works.  Simply squeeze the tube in the morning (prior to make up application) and apply via the metal nozzle (bliss). What i did notice is that it actually helped the appearance of dark circles i seem to have lately due to lack of sleep. I noticed this about a week after using every morning. However I am a little obsessed and having been applying throughout the day just to wake me up when I feel tired. So if your looking for wide awake and brightened eyes this is the one for you (here).


Power Mask 



If your looking for something a little more intensive then that Power mask (here) infused with vitamin C and Jojoba (favourite ingredient) it instantly helps smooth and brighten dull tired looking skin in an instant. Now i didnt use this every day as I actually don’t think you need to but I really can’t rate this whole Morning Expert collection enough! You can use this combined with all the others I have mentioned but I would recommend it twice a week as opposed to every day. Simply massage onto dry skin that’s been cleaned  and continue to massage with wet fingers into the skin (this will help activate the vitamin C). Now you can leave this on for up to 10 minutes (I always do 15 minutes- just to be sure!) and then rinse off thoroughly with cold water as this will help to waken and brighten your skin. I would pop this product up there in terms of exfoliation (it has grainy bits to help you rub the product into the skin) with Sunday Riley products. Its a brilliant way to kick-start your day and improve skin clarity.


I have worked with thisworks on a number of their collections but can honestly say this is my favourite range from them so far. All products work and leave noticeable results, which is what we want at the end of the day! All are infused with the fruity warm orange smell to help wake you up that little bit more and my favourite bit, they are all a good size to bring along for your summer vacations or pop in your bag on the go! If you have tried these let me know what you think below!




This post is in a collaboration  wit thsiworks, who kindly gifted me all products with all opinions and photos are that of my own. 



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