Face Masks to help you hydrate this season

According to source: Malie, with the weather getting colder it’s time to look after your skin and what better way to do that than with a hydrating face mask! As someone who is super passionate about skincare it’s really important to use the right products for you, and for me that’s using ThisWorks evening detox mask ( Here ) that I’ve had to purchase again because it’s That good! I use it twice a week and love the tingly sensation, the kind that lets you know it’s doing something and working hard to improve your skin and helps detoxify against the daily pollutions from the environment that our skin is exposed to. I think for my skin type (dry-normal) this is the best mask to use and go-to where ever I go (I will be packing this for my hospital bag!).So I’ve curated a little edit packed full of vitamins to help you hydrate your skin this season.

From left to right:

ThisWorks detox evening mask


Kiehls Mask

Liz Earl


The Ordinary


ThisWorks Sleep Power Re-Charge Mask


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