Dior Prestige Le Micro-Serum De Rose Yeux

Now I’m super excited that I have been able to partner up with Dior on some of the new beauty products that have now become my go-to (not to mention what I’ll be packing for my hospital bag!) and what great a way to practice self-care than with the Dior Prestige Le Micro-serum De Rose Yeux ( here). So let’s start dedicating some self-care time to ourselves, not because we owe to ourselves to say the least but it’s actually really good for our mental health also and that “feel good” factor we all crave so much!

Now I can’t stress just how important it is to look after your eyes, more importantly the skin around your eye. It’s the one place I feel a lot of people pay lack of attention to but as we get older more care is needed. Now as a working mamma it’s very easy to forget this important routine as part of our daily skincare routine but over the last two weeks of trying this eye serum (here) it’s really made a huge difference! I’m not wearing one bit of makeup around the eye area, no concealer, no mascara, no nothing and the result has been super pleasing!

The micro-serum helps to recharge the skin area around the eye with high energy Micro-nutrients, dramatically illuminating the eyes and it’s really made a difference with people noticing too. There are 10 rotating ceramic micro-beads all working hard to help instantly remove the puffiness and fade out those dark circles (which I anticipate I will get more of with the baby on the way!).

I’ve noticed the skin (I’ve been using this for two weeks every evening after a shower or a bath) has really strengthened around the eye area and nourished, it’s basically the dream product I’ve been searching for! When applying to skin it kinda induced an immediate cold feeling which gives a nice sense of freshness and reduced puffiness (use in the morning too if you feel that as it really does work!).

It’s a luxury beauty product for your beauty case but I can honestly say after spending £15.00 here and there it’s the only product after daily use of two weeks that has made a noticeable difference (finally!). Simply smooth along the eye lids with your eyes closed to the lower lid in a back and forth motion moving from the temple to the inner corner of your eyes. I repeated this step 3 times a day (even though it’s 15ml the bottle is quite big and you only need a little amount) and enjoy the refreshing and soothing effect the micro-beads have on those tired eyes!

This post is in collaboration with Dior ( #partneringwithdior) after a two week trial. All words and pictures are shot and directed by Huesofwhite with copyright issued to Dior.


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