Get Acquainted with: Motley London x Emily Robson capsule

Ex Christopher Kane designer, The super talented Emily Robson has teamed up with Motley to showcase her unique and yet distinctive creativity via my favourite jewellery brand. Her designs are super bold and with an art meets fashion take, like these Sunny Hoops I’m wearing (here). 18 karat gold vermeil hoops that were named and inspired after her daughter, mimics a sunburst, which is in tribute to the ancient Egyptian sun god Ra, designed to evoke family ties and light all in one design! The hammered effect makes this artful look contemporary, Now how damn awesome is that, not only do they look stunning on (style these with your hair down tucked behind one ear to show this statement look or tie your hair up in a loose pony tail tucked behind both ears for an effortless day look) they are super versatile for you to wear. Wear them super easy in the day to elevate your casual look and they will take you nicely into your evening with that date you have or a girls night out! 


Now if you are looking for some everyday earrings with a twist, look no further than the Gold Eve Snake hoops (here) which I’m just in love with! These are a serious powerful upgrade from your normal classic gold hoops, and I can’t get enough of them! Super easy to wear, super easy to style, these are what my fellow Italians look for when it comes to jewellery!

The detail in the twist is super minimal yet statement talking and they also work really well layered up with some of your favourite other earrings, if like me you have multiple ear lobe piercings, these help to provide the ultimate ear layering game to the next level! 


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  1. G. Harrow
    March 23, 2020 / 7:39 pm

    Those earrings are dang!🙏🏽

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