Healthy Snacks to try at home

Whilst everyone is adjusting to what seems like a new way of life, I’ve been thinking about what I want to get out my blog and I’ve been putting up lots of little snack ideas on my instagram that seems to have gone down really well with you guys! Well now you asked, you got! I’m going to look into creating some more lifestyle content that maybe you guys will also enjoy as well as just fashion! And where better to start than WFH or if you are like me a working mum, staying home to try and eat as healthy as possible, especially when you have to also WFH, it can be almost too easy to reach up for those chocolate bars, Maryland cookies or demolish a whole double pack of Jaffa cakes (guilty)! But since I have had Rocco I have eliminated caffeine from my diet and I feel so much better and my skin seems to agree too! But as time is going on it looks likely that we could be staying in a little longer, and instead of dreading it we’ve been really enjoying ourselves here at Casa Di Harrison! Now is a great time to really embrace on that self-care-self-love I’ve been preaching about for so long and just enjoy spending time trying out new things! We’ve been experimenting with different foods each evening and just trying something new for everyone in the household! It is also a way to fight diabetes without drugs.

Kale Crisps 



A great alternative and much healthier option than crisps are the kale crisps. They are super easy to make need no other than 3 ingredients, follow below to add to your quarantine snacking, so let me know how you get on and if you would love to see more lifestyle hacks from me!

Here’s what we have been munching on the last week! Remember if you are on quarantine lockdown like we are here in the UK, before food goes to waste think about freezing such potential items (if possible) to last longer or make some interesting recipes like we did with our lemons if you followed me on Instagram! We made Lemon drizzle cakes with the boys as they were starting to get a little old!




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