Why I use this Illuminator everyday

I’ve mentioned before that I really am useless when it comes to makeup (it’s really not my strongpoint) but there are a few products that I’ve come to love and have become like me best friend, “the hero” product to help me create that “no-makeup” look and it’s starts with the primer, the Chanel Le Blanc.

It’s a sheer illuminator fluid that acts as a light source on the surface of the skin, that doesn’t feel too much or too heavy and provides total comfort in total coverage.

It’s oil free multi tasking base helps to illuminate and even complexions while minimising the appearance of pores, not to mention it smells amazing! The reason I love using this so much is because it really simply adds a very subtle contour and radiance to my face without having to put too much on at all whilst providing a smooth, even flawless look to get me started for the day.

How to use

I start my washing my face clean and patting dry. I pop on a little moisturiser on and usually wait for about 5 minutes to soak in my skin. I then apply this by starting at the centre of my face in a downward sweeping motion across my face, moving towards the forehead, cheeks and nose and evening it out. You can apply this with a sponge but I use just use a little squirt on my hand and smooth across my face. It really is my hero product when it comes to makeup to help me create a fresh radiant “no-make” look.

I’ve picked several others that have radiant reviews to shop and choose from.


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