Monday Musë – who to follow for inspiration

I’m so excited to share with you the new Monday Musë series, where I take a look at 9 Musë new and old that have inspired me with their unique creative take on art, fashion , beauty and styling and I wanted to share with you guys as I get asked so many times who inspire me, and it’s all about doing it differently with their own take.


My go to for really good outfit photos, I found Milly through a new brand I found and I am obsessed! I fell in love with just how put together her looks are! She mixes high street with high end and does it effortlessly and more importantly you can shop her items straight away! Effortlessly chic.


I think this has got be my favourite account I have followed since I started this almost 3 years in August! Her current wfh looks have got to the be the most creative looks on the grid!


Rachel of @bubblyaquarius helps me to find new brands to follow and has a vintage retro feels to her looks that will help you add investment pieces to your wardrobe, a favourite of mine for a long time.


Alyssa use to work for Refinery29 which is how I first fell in love with her. She now freelances and has a retro feel to her account. Her photos are less filter and more real packed with beauty and style!


Mother to two adorable boys Tee is packed full of high street buys to buy now! She styles and put together looks in her own unique way and I can’t get enough of her stylish ways for inspiration on how to pull looks together that are current and old.


I’ve met Katie a couple of times now and she really is as beautiful as you can get! She’s currently pregnant with her 3rd so if you are pregnant and looking for ways to still stay stylish and not feel like you have to wear maternity outfits all the time, Katie is your girl!


I view Emma’s website everyday without fail. Her effortless style and the way she can make loungewear look tres expensive than they are really is genius! I’ve found some really good brands via Emma and obsessed with her photography because it really doesn’t look like everyone else’s if your looking for style and creativeness!


Now Anna does something completely different to anyone I have come across and you can really see the effort behind each post and the amount of research that goes behind each post. Anna puts together looks from various outlets, from high street, to independent stores to high end that’s like an insta-magazine. Perfect to follow for inspiration especially if you are stuck on what to buy!


I recently came across Melanie because her page is like a creative work of art and her love of vintage styling and creative is colourful and chic with a page that really is the prettiest I have found!

There you have it, my favourite 9 Musë’s to follow this week and really hope you like this new series where we take a look at new and old accounts to fall in love with and feel inspired by.


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