Vitamin C products for you to try with ThisWorks

Whenever I want my skin to glow, beam with radiance my one stop skincare go-to are vitamin C skincare products. Sometimes my skin especially on my face can look and seem dull and in need of a pick me up, which is why over the last 4 months I have been trying out the vitamins C morning expert range (here) from thisworks starting with the power mask (here) to help me skin look and feel glowing. It says to leave this on for 10minutes but I leave it on for approx 40 minutes whilst I feed Rocco or do some cleaning (this is the whole Instagram vs reality , right?!). I like to think of this as multi tasking! It’s a great way to switch your morning routine once a week and use as a treatment to renew and revitalise your skin. It also smells dreamy. 

I received these products back in November and I’m totally hooked. The morning expert range is a great way to give an instant glow to your skin (especially handy for those zoom conference calls you girls are making!). I posted about this back in November and decided to write about it because I really can’t rate the products here. My favourite favourite products is the multi-acid pads. My skin since I’ve had my youngest back in late December has been a little prone to break-outs and the pads (here) are the best thing to use. I can honestly say after using it my skin felt like silk!

Another great product from the Morning Expert Range is the open eyes cream. Especially for a mother or anyone that is up throughout the night sometimes the broken up sleep can make my eyes seem and most definitely look super tired. When I feel like this I use the Open eye (here) to help nourish the skin area around the eyes and to help ensure I look wide awake. I do love this eye serum, I have tried other serums like the Dior one which I really do rate, but if you are after something more affordable this is the one I have found that also works, I would recommend using it on a daily basis to see and reap the effects.

I’ve popped up a step by step guide on my Instagram Highlights if you want to see how to use these! 

Products gifted as a skin influencer with for thisworks



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