How I Made Fresh Pasta at Home

If you’ve been following my stories on Instagram, I’ve found that cooking and baking new things at home have been truly therapeutic for me and means I’m spending my time wisely (in other words not glued to the tv!). I’ve made bread (you can find the recipe here) and this week I made fresh home made tagliatelle with a little help from Jamie Oliver (here) and my new pasta machine from Imperia (this is the double cutter here and affordable options here).

Following Jamie’s recipe was super easy however I cut the ingredients down to 400g and 4 large eggs instead of 600g and 6 large eggs. Once I measured out the ingredients and pretty much heated it to death (the technical terms is kneading!) I wrapped it in clingfilm nice and tight and left in the fridge for approx 4hours. I then cut it up into 4 sections and stretched each dough piece with my fingertips to start feeding through the pasta machine.

On this machine I opened the gap at the top to feed the dough through to flatten and thin it out, and each time you feed through you tighten the gap and it will start to thin out and I did this about 5 times until it was thin enough to go through the pasta cutter.

once it has gone through the cutter I laid them tagliatelle down on a piece of cloth and made my dads homemade sauce using cherry tomatoes, tinned chopped tomatoes and a little pasatta sauce. The pasta only needs cooking for 1 minute as it’s fresh so cook and leave this as the last thing to do! let me know what you’ve been cooking!




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