Mangiamo con Luna and Fennel

Now who doesn’t love a pizza?! I can never quite decide between pasta or pizza. It seems to be the two main foods within our household that my boys will consume and I love cooking with them and getting them to weigh out the ingredients and play around with the textures of food! They love it, so I was really excited to try the new Luna and Fennel pizza flour (here) and have some fun in the kitchen with a new kind of pizza. A pouch full gluten free pizza mix and all you have to do is add a veg of your choice and blitz it to add to the flour mix. We chose cauliflower as our choice of veg and I simply blitzed the cauliflower florets and added it to the mix in a bowl.

Whilst you have added the mixture together and your chosen veg has been blitzed, pre-heat the oven at 190 degrees. Mix together the veg and flour and add 3 tsp of water to every 72g (which makes one pizza) to form a wet dough and leave to sit for a couple of minutes. As the dough is sticky, rub a little oil between your hands and place the dough ball onto a sheet of baking paper. Using the palm of your hand, flatten and press the dough into a circle about 9” diameter ensuring the surface is as smooth and even as possible. Cook on a baking tray in pre-heated oven for 20 minutes.


When the pizza is done it should be golden, crispy around the edges and easy to peel away from the baking paper (depending on the strength of your oven you may need to cook it for a little longer) Leave to cool before topping.

Once cooled, top with your choice of toppings. I had a tomato base cauliflower-crust pizza with Asparagus and Courgettes for my topping and mozzarella and basil on top! You can find this recipe here on the Luna and Fennel website. The boys wanted a mushroom and onion topped with olives and mozzarella and as Nonna would say “Mangiamo”.  I loved how super easy it was to make and follow the instructions, the smell of the pizza, the fact that the boys couldn’t really guess I had made it with cauliflower was a bonus, but most of all I wanted to try something fun and different in the house. Since being in lockdown I’ve found this is the perfect time to experiment with food so this was good to try!

Next time I think I’m going to try the flour mix with sweet potato and see how that goes! You can find everything here including stockists (yes you can buy this amazing yummy vegan pizza already made!) receipes and more here @LUNAANDFENNEL.



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  1. Jen
    June 9, 2020 / 10:48 am

    I would never think to try cauliflower in a crust until I saw your stories. Lovely idea and keep doing what you are doing . These posts are brilliant for lockdown.

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