Monday Musë

Last month we did a Monday Musë that was focused on our favourites of Instagram for a long time (here) and totally inspire us. This month we have picked 10 muses that are all under 15k on Instagram (with one exception!) and quite frankly they are beyond inspiring.


First up is my favourite Sophie Yesufu. I’ve been following her for so long now and her daily outfits are perfect, affordable and chic! She has ways of digging out items you have had in your wardrobe that are sat there collecting dust and make you want to wear them.


Digital content creator Sam Reid has aesthetics to crave for and an eye for detail. We are obsessed with this visual diary and the creativity to make affordable pieces look far more expensive!


Aimee is a fashion and interior obsessed account and she gets it right every time! Mixing luxury designer with affordable high street in a genius way! She’s also not afraid of colour and we love the pops of colour she incorporates into her daily wear!


Gina’s a visual diary that we just want to step into! Her eye for detail seems to get it right every time and simple styling really works!


Daisy is a new follow for us over here but we have fallen in love with just how chic her casual styling for a day-to-day wardrobe is and should look! Expect mirror selfie outfits to inspire a days look!


The wonderful Amy shows you how to do day time chic and do it well! She makes everything looks super easy to put on and has fun whilst doing it! We are obsessed!


I have followed Lisa since I started this journey! A gorgeous mummy to two girls her style is impeccable, I first met her at an Olivia Rubin event almost 3 years ago now and her luxury designer clothes styled with daily basics makes it a no-brainer for us to follow along!


The wonderful Kerry is a genius at putting together looks for daily musings! Expect lots of colour and chic looks to make you feel your sassiest!


The lovely Isabel from ThewardrobeditUK is a digital creator, stylist and fashion writer. Her #over40looks mixes old and new pieces from her wardrobe giving way for total inspo to dig out those old pants you haven’t worn in years! Slick, chic and understated we adore Isabel and the confidence this woman brings in fashion!


The Ex head of buying for Topshop Jenny for me is really one of our favourites here at Huesofwhite! In fact I think we save pretty much every photo she pops up, but the styling of her looks the creativity to be bold in your dressing and try new things has us hooked!


And the final muse needs no introduction, she’s not under 15k but really wanted to share my obsession with Anna and her genius ways to put together these detailed shopping blogs from small business, to luxury wear and high street, she puts things together that is for everyone in a really clever way!Anna has a new website and its a brilliant space to do some shopping!



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