Elevate your loungewear with FreePeople

I think this has to be the longest time I have been at home in my life, and most probably the case for most people! But what a year 2020 has been so far! I mean who would have predicted a pandemic such as this happening in 2020 or even in our life time ( I know I didn’t) but with that said, its also been the most blessed year yet for me! I had my gorgeous little angel Rocco Jett at the start of the year (not quite sure how he is almost one already) and we have spent so much time as a family which yes don’t get me wrong can be stressful, but it’s time as family of 5 I would never have had otherwise so we’ve been really lucky that way! It’s also a year of understanding what I truly want out of my life at the moment and that means spending more time at home working on my huesofwhite.com platform, photography and being a full time mummy! So that means i’m going to be staying home a little more than I had thought and what better way to make me feel good than something chic and comfy like this sweater dress (here) from FreePeople

Now I’m all about comfy loungewear at home, but sometimes you just want to get out of the sweatpants/joggers/hoody scenario and this sweater dress is just the thing! Comfy, warm and chic for home, you really can’t elevate your homeware/ loungewear any better than this. It fits true to size and wearing an XS means it hangs off just effortlessly so I’m beyond obsessed when I got to team up with FreePeople and create at home content! I’ve styled it with some cosy but chic cable knit socks (here) and you heard it here first, the snuggliest, comfiest, warmest pair of slippers I own (also make for a perfect gift for xmas) from Emu Australia (here) and the whole look is just so damn good that when I feel good and look good (even if you are working from home) then I feel like my productivity is high and this home look right here instantly lifts my mood and feel good vibes.

This is part of a paid collaboration with FreePeople


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