The White Tea Collection from Elizabeth Arden

The white tea collection from Elizabeth Arden is bursting with fragrance notes that have kindly reminded me of what summer smells like (if you are from the UK, then you kinda know what I’m talking about!). The wonderful thing about this collections is that there are different fragrances to choose from!

Mandarin Blossom

This fragrance is my favourite, an energising floral scent with a citrusy zing to it, reminding me of summer warm days in Calabria.

Vanilla Orchid

A floral fragrance again with freshness notes which I think work great for all year round during all seasons!

White Tea

This Fragrance is Crisp, Fresh with a musky woody floral scent. It has a sense of bliss calmness which I’ve been honestly wearing all week ! I call this one notes of tranquility!

Ginger Lily

This one is a bit of Ginger spice! We have a mix of spicy and bright floral notes (the notes of ginger are definitely at the forefront of this fragrance) with notes of white cedar wood. I find this fragrance works well for me if I’m going out and want a strong but subtle feminine spirit to exude.


The fragrances in this post was gifted as PR products by Elizabeth Arden 



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