Dear Frances Edit

It’s officially Autumn which means it’s officially boot season and we can’t wait to kick start the new season with some good new boots to take us all the way in style! However I do think it’s important to always check your wardrobe first before investing in a new pair and with that said whilst looking at new pairs of boots for the new season its really important to think about choosing the right pair for investment and questions to add and consider are will you be:

-Are you able to team these with pieces you already have indoor wardrobe

-can you wear these for a number of different occasions ( not just for Instagram!)

-Style- Are these a classic pair that you can wear time and time again.

So it’s really important to look at the style you are choosing and that’s why I have curated an edit with Dear Frances. Timeless classic boots, that are not only well made but are iconic with classic colour or patterned boots like I’m wearing (here) they have truly been the best boots I’ve ever owned and will take you through season after season making styling super easy with pieces you already have in your wardrobe.

The Dear Frances Edit 


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