How to wear white denim this holiday (’s easier than you think)

How do you wear white in the AW Seasons? Can you wear white in the colder months? Not sure white jeans are winter appropriate? The many questions that get asked around wearing white during the Autumn and winter months. I mean we have all asked them, I know I have several times and the more I play around and add warm textures and tones to an all white outfit, the more appropriate and the more I start to think why didn’t I do this sooner?! So I’m here to dispel those rumours and show you how we do it!

It’s super easy to do, so much easier than you think! Pair a faux shearling gilet (here) like I have with a knitted shawl cable knit cardigan (here) for added layer and texture for the ultimate low-casual, yet minimal look. I added a pop of colour with SÈZANE’s pale vintage blue beanie (here) to keep my head a little warm! The jeans I’m wearing are from Paul Smith (here) and the boots (here) and bag (here) are both from cos.

Whilst there are still people on the fence about wearing white for winter , I think this outfit proves that wearing white denim with cold -winter staples is a winner and here to stay!


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