Shopping and Selling with Depop

I’ve been using Depop now since what feels like forever and it’s become my second most opened app (after Instagram of course!) and it’s my favourite way to clear out my wardrobe (and my mind for that matter!) as I always stick to my motto that if I purchase something new I need to get rid of something. I am not a hoarder by any stretch and the thought of clutter around gives me high anxiety (and bad dreams!). With that in mind as a new season dawns upon us I find this a great excuse to sell your items that you and your wardrobe no longer need and do it in a sustainable way through depop!

It’s also a great way to shop sustainably and I’ve found myself shopping on there a lot more than I ever have . Things that I have been searching for that have sold out, bang you can type in the search button exactly what brand you are looking for and take a wonder and see if you can find it! It’s great, you can ask the seller questions and get more detail on what you are after, click to learn more or you just might even be able to haggle down a great price!

I’ve found some great Princess Diana inspired Mickey Tees (here) that I can’t find anywhere else! And Depop is always my go-to place for anything vintage or thrifty that I’m looking for.

Key tips for selling on Depop:

1.Upload Regularly and consistently

2. Use clear photos of the items and the main picture as a picture (not edited) of you wearing it.

3. Always use the relevant hashtags and keywords in your description! You can use up to 5 hashtags so make sure you choose them wisely!

4. Respond quickly and in a timely manner to any messages or offers you may get.

5. Write a detailed and accurate description of what you are selling and always make sure you highlight any wear or tear in the item (be honest with your customers)

6. Build your brand and reputation and the test will speak for itself!


You can find me on Depop here *PART OF A PAID AD FOR INSTAGRAM






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