I’ve tried Retinol for the first time and here’s what I found

When it comes to skincare I’ve been slacking in it lately. Life is crazy busy and I haven’t really taken much time for what I didn’t realise me and my skin needed, some much long overdue love and care! I’ve noticed a few more lines, some dark spots particularly on my skin, and whilst researching (consistently every night) it seemed like retinoids was a good option to consider.  They work by increasing cell turnover whilst stimulating collagen production.  So is this why retinol has become top for recommendations by skincare experts, the results have been clinically proven!  Whilst there’s so many to choose from, we stuck with The Sunday Riley (here) A+ with 6.5% retonid serum designed to fight signs of aging I really wanted to give it a try!

I’ve never used a retinol serum before so I was eager to try and after 4 weeks of use I’m super pleased to write and tell you just how much I love this product! I think I should have started on a lower dose serum initially , but we live and learn! I struggled the first two weeks, and was advised by a local pharmacist to try using every other day and wash it offbefore bed, Which really helped my skin get use to the product. I noticed some red patches after use, which almost looked like dry skin, however these soon disappeared.

After almost three weeks of use and my skin started to get use to the new bedtime routine, I was able to use it every night before bed. Just a small drop is all that is needed. But the results have been amazing! My skin feels so smooth it feels like you could skate on it! I’m very pleased with the results and have noticed finer lines not on show any longer. 



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